What's on at Equinox 2018
What's On at Equinox Festival 2018

Crispy Disco

Dedicated to one of the original members of the tribe,  Crispian Baker. 

The Crispy Disco live stage has something for everyone, featuring an array of headlining acts all weekend…and maybe a bit of punk aerobics first thing to get your day started!




Crispy Disco

Soundscape Solar Stage

…from a one time hobby with a band,  to a renowned solar powered stage and venue.

Soundscape Solar

” Renewable energy is the future. We were there at the beginning of the self-sufficient, off grid generation and following the UK trend in renewable’s, we believe a quiet, clean source of power accentuates the intimacy of the music we present. With over 15 years experience running an Eco friendly outdoor venue, we welcome you to a musical extravaganza.”

Big Dub

Our all new big top venue for 2018! 

Live acts, DJs, proper bar and a Circus Ringmaster 

(Keef from Headgames)

Kicking off at opening time you can buy a pint, have a dance… or just enjoy the ambience.

Late evening we bring the live music indoors and carry on through until 3am with acoustic sets from the likes of Phat Bollard, The Brewer’s Daughter & Les Carter.

Sunday, there’s Dub in the Pub with a Reggae Dance Hall Takeover from Riddimption Sound System.


In conjunction with Tekonta Secta and Revolt Sound System we bring the Lunar Stage to Equinox Festival for 2018….with our biggest jungle/ drum and bass line up to date featuring artists like Nicky Blackmarket, Aries, T1, Saxxon, plus many, many more….subs to make you shake and festival vibes tailored to the Equinox taste…another step forward.


Born from the legendary northern psy night ‘Sunrise’, hosted in partnership with The Beats Bizarre. Providing alternative beats and rhythms as a contrast to psytrance, with the best in bass, breaks, electro, glitch, tech funk, electro swing, and more…
Dedicated to promoting the very best in music, visuals and atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our vibrant and musically varied space, enhanced by our unique and stand out visuals, top notch production and effervescent decor. See you on the dance floor 🙂

The Tipsy Traveller

(Big Dub Pub)

If you happen to stumble across the Tipsy Traveller, do be sure to venture over to the bar. Before you will stand a fine selection of local Ales, handcrafted Ciders and what ever your favourite tipple is, rest assured you will find it here. A welcome space for you to come and sit, share drinks with friends or as a great meeting point for further adventures into the festival.

Children’s Area

The world renowned Gypsy Pyksy &  fantastical Foolhardy Circus are co-hosting the Equinox Children’s Area this year, providing an exciting range of free activities to entertain kids of all ages.



Arena Opening until 2pm Gypsy Pyksy Workshops
2pm-6pm Foolhardy Circus Workshops 
7pm- 7.40pm Foolhardy Family Show


10am until 2pm Gypsy Pyksy Workshops
2pm-6pm Foolhardy Circus Workshops
7pm- 7.40pm Foolhardy Family Show

10am until 2pm Gypsy Pyksy Workshops
2pm-6pm Foolhardy Circus Workshops
7pm- 7.40pm Foolhardy Family Show


Storytelling, hoop workshops, wishing stones, parachutes, games, music, inflatables and coloured balls all over the place! Faery walkabout theatre, wish making, learning and teaching dance moves, Pixie and Faery games, wishing circles.

Gypsy Pyksy bring magic, fae and nature into little ones lives, their fae characters all have back stories and want to learn about the human world.



Real, hands-on tuition from professional circus artistes from the Foolhardy Circus who have spent over 20 years teaching and performing. Their workshops are both instructive and enjoyable. A fun way for children to spend an afternoon playing with traditional circus props (juggling, diabolo, tightrope, devil sticks, unicycle, balance poles, Pedal-Go’s, Fun Wheels, and plate spinning). Children of all capabilities can achieve something they can be proud of.

Foolhardy Circus Evening Family Shows are real crowd pleasers, incorporating lots of audience participation, hilarity and unexpected outcomes…you have been warned!

Heritage Crafts & Workshops

Green wood work, flute making, rope work workshops, drum circles and
chainsaw carving,

Staff making, a blacksmith’s forge, permaculture, heritage/history, even trapeze,

Demonstrations and workshops, come and get involved,
There’s something for everyone, whether you consider yourself young or old!

Healing Corner

Relax, recharge and energise in our Healing Area where you’ll find Yoga, Shamanic meditation, Runic knowledge, vocal workshops, hypnotherapy, massage, tarot, Reiki, Om chanting circles…and the list goes on! And in 2018 we are continuing our ‘Freshen Up’ corner where you can get yourself clean and comfortable- our big bucket standing bath became a thing!

The Busk Stop

In between Samba bands, yodelling, spoken word and everything else we’ve got going on here, there’ll be room for you to take to the stage at Equinox.

Come and have a go 🙂

Equinox Busk Stop

Equinox Central Fire 

Equinox Central Fire

The heart of our festival- our beautiful seated firepit area hosts our opening ceremony each year where we light our central fire. It’s a great place to sit, chat, warm and watch the stars…there’s nothing quite like watching stars fom inside a hill, in front of a fire, with friends.

Opening Ceremony:

Friday 8pm

Fire Display:

Saturday 8pm

Autumn Equinox Fire Display;

Sunday 8pm


The equinoxes are the only times when the solar terminator (the “edge” between night and day) is perpendicular to the equator. As a result, the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated. The word comes from Latin aequus, meaning “equal”, and nox, meaning “night”

The equinoxes, along with solstices, are directly related to the seasons of the year. In the northern hemisphere, the vernal equinox (March) conventionally marks the beginning of spring in most cultures,  while the autumnal equinox (September) marks the beginning of autumn.



Equinox Market

At Equinox our traders pride themselves on offering good, wholesome, reasonably priced food, catering for vegans and meat-eaters alike.

For 2018, we welcome our new 24 hr chill out Cafe Venue: 

‘Once in a Blue Moon’

Once in a Blue Moon 24 hour cafe

… who’ll be serving up chai, tea, coffee and cake around the clock.


Our stalls offer ethically sourced and hand crafted items from around the world. Whatever your taste, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye 🙂


At Equinox we want the weekend you spend with us to be as enjoyable as possible and have the following on site:

  • Family Camping (arranged on site at no extra charge-limited availability on a first come, first serve basis)

  • Access Camping & Carer’s Passes (please email access@equinoxfestival for more info-pre-booking is available until 7th September 2018)

  • First Aid

  • Welfare Services provided by Psycare UK-Psycare Uk formerly known as Kosmicare is a compassionate welfare service providing empathetic care to partygoers needing non-medical support, be that for emotional crisis or for those who have overdone things a little. Psycare specialise in supporting party goers during or after psychedelic drug use, but also provide support to anyone in need, be it drug related or not. Their experienced approach differs significantly from conventional welfare providers, allowing them to take a role which has great success treating patients as well as giving off good vibes the whole time. If during the festival you see anyone in need of support, please help them by asking a steward or other member of the festival crew to contact Psycare. Psycare is a charity run entirely by volunteers on a shoestring budget, please consider donating so they can continue to deliver their much needed services at festivas across the UK. For more information, please visit www.psycare.org